We are often asked why we don’t accept private insurance as payment.


The short answer is that we want to have low and transparent pricing, spend more time with our patients, and provide high quality care


Ask yourself these questions:


  • When was the last time you went to the doctor and knew how much it would cost when you walked inside the clinic? Did you find out weeks later when you got a bill from a clinic for the amount not paid by your insurance company?


  • How long did you have to wait to see the Doctor? Did you arrive at your appointment on time and still have to wait 15-30 minutes before you saw the doctor?


  • When was the last time you spent more than 10 minutes face-to-face with your doctor? How thorough did the doctor examine your complaint? How much were you actually able to learn about your problem?


The truth is, we charge about the same as other medical clinics. In fact, our prices are actually on the low side considering the amount of time and we spend with our patients. 


  • Our prices are available to the public and are not arbitrary. 


  • You are not likely to wait long, if at all, to see the doctor. We do not double book our appointments.


  • We maximize the time you spend with the doctor. As long as you arrive on time, you will spend about 50 minutes face-to-face with the doctor.


How can we have lower prices and spend more time with patients?

It is simply because we don’t accept private insurance as payment. 


Accepting private insurance as payment would mean that we would have to contract with a medical billing company that could take anywhere from 6% to 12% of our costs. Or we could hire a separate employee who would have to track down payments from the insurance company and send bills to all of the patients for the amount the insurance company doesn’t cover or applies to their deductible. The clinic would need to see more patients, and spend less time with each patient, in order to cover the added cost of hiring another employee.

Additionally, we would need to charge higher prices. Insurance companies each pay different amounts for each service and clinics usually price services high to ensure that they can get the maximum amount of reimbursement from each insurance company.


So, is your private insurance being wasted if you come to our clinic? 


Of course not. 


At your request, we will submit a claim to your insurance company for you. Since the majority of the services we offer are covered by most insurance companies you will likely receive a full or partial reimbursement from your insurance company. This is a free service by our clinic.

Your cost will be low and transparent and you will receive higher quality care due to more time spent face-to-face with your doctor.

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